20 Mar

Impermanence: Everything Changes

Dear Friends,

It’s been several weeks since I’ve written and I’ve missed the feeling of touching base with you.  Funny how that works for me. 🙂 So, here’s a thought I’d like to share… Awhile back, I was talking to a friend and, by way of illustration, he told me this: If I gave you a beautiful, carefully made wooden sculpture that you liked very much and it got broken, you would be sad – you would suffer.  However, if I gave you a beautiful, carefully made ice sculpture that you liked very much and it melted, you would accept that loss easily – you would not suffer even though you might feel the tug of loss.  The difference between these examples is the belief in the permanence of one versus the awareness of the inherent impermanence of the other. In truth, nothing is permanent.  This too shall pass – every time!  We need not see this as a sad, bad or morose idea, but rather an idea that offers us great freedom to deeply embrace what is present now, release the past and be open to anything in the future. One of the biggest gifts I got from being diagnosed with cancer was a glimpse into the unnerving fact of impermanence.  As Rumi said,

Life will eventually startle us back into the reality of who we are.

For me, the idea of impermanence makes me ask myself, “What is it that I am clinging to and how might that be holding me hostage?”  My answer (if I’m actually brave enough to be ‘still’ long enough to hear it) opens a doorway to a freer way of being and an easier path to happiness. So…what could you enjoy more right now?

Wishing you freedom,




Originally Published March 20, 2010

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