11 Apr

Light The Fire In Your Heart

Dear Friends,

Here’s another thought I’d like to share

If there is Light in your heart, you can find your way Home.


In this quote, what do the words “Light” and “Home” mean to you? To me, “Light” in your heart means passion and compassion.  When my actions, thoughts and feelings are being driven by my deepest passions and are done, thought or felt with true compassion, I feel connected and in the flow.  Things are easier and more natural.  Circumstances unfold as if to say “You’re on the right path.”  I can feel the spark from within and my energy is lifted and steady.  I feel lucky, blessed, loved.  There’s no need to find Home, because I’m already there. On the other hand, when I stray from this “Light,” and operate instead from a place of trying to control, fix or manipulate, I struggle.  I wrestle with my thoughts and feelings.  My actions don’t bring about the results I’m after, and my energy is drained.  I have to work very hard.  I feel isolated, misunderstood and a very long way away from home. Needless to say, the former is preferable to the latter.  However, my ability to “see” is greatly diminished when the “Light” is out!  It is only when I slow down, get curious about my thoughts, feelings and actions, and release my need to figure it all out or prove myself right, that the “Light” begins to infuse my dark places and the struggle lessens.  As the struggle lessens, the “Light” flows in more freely.  My breath is easier and my isolation dissipates. The human experience dictates that we travel through dark and light.  It is in being away from Home that we learn to appreciate coming Home.  If we can invite compassion and curiosity into our darkness, we can infuse it with light.  If we can slow down enough to allow for life’s unfolding rather than trying to dictate the order of the Universe, we will learn to trust that unfolding and thus our own ability to weather the dark times. We all have a “Light” in our heart and we all have a “Home.”  Rest assured that when things seem dark, the “Light” is being blocked by our own doing.  We snuff out those embers.  It isn’t because of someone or something else – not our situation, not our partner, not our current state or health or wealth – no matter how much we’d like to blame external factors.  And when we can fully and lovingly accept this truth, we have the power to change things.  We have choices!  It is our responsibility to find our spark, fan the flame and stoke the fire.  What ignites you?  What gives you positive energy?  What makes you feel connected and part of Life?  Listen for the tiniest murmurings.  Watch for the smallest sparks.  Light the fire in your heart and then let your little light shine!

Wishing you Light,




Originally Published April 11, 2010

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