About Heartstrings

Augusta Kantra, Heartsrings

“The best gifts are tied with Heartstrings.”

The word “yoga” means union, and over the last 25 years, my practice and my passions have evolved such that they are now one. “Heartstrings Yoga” is the result of that evolution, and of that union. I do what I love, and I love what I do.
In my psychotherapy practice, I conduct individual, relationship, and group therapy. In addition to these traditional therapy modalities, I also work with clients who choose to do therapeutic work that combines insight-oriented therapy with breath work, relaxation, meditation and movement.
I love working with motivated people who are ready to take a bold and compassionate look at their patterns – behavioral and emotional. I feel that people need help uncovering their own resources and that personal empowerment is the key to living more fully. Being out of “balance,” whether that’’s behaviorally, emotionally, or spiritually, causes tremendous distress. My main goal is to help my clients restore balance, thereby creating the opportunity to develop healthy, mindful choices in all areas of life.
Creating balance in one’s life requires honest, yet compassionate self inquiry. It is my philosophy that every person is capable of achieving this balance, and it is my job to help uncover this ability. To look deeply requires trust and rapport. I foster both of these traits in the therapeutic relationship.
In my Yoga Assisted Group Therapy, I combine asana (the postures of yoga), breath work, relaxation training, meditation, mindfulness teachings, and group processing. This is a very deep, enriching experience that brings about true transformation and understanding.
I also teach a traditional yoga class on Saturday mornings that is open to the public. I teach from a psychological/spiritual perspective, use alignment principles in the asana, and strive to create a space where acceptance, peace, and stillness are present.
So, welcome to Heartstrings Yoga. Please feel free to contact me if you any have questions or comments.